Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dinosaur Tag Toy!

The other day I was at a craft fair and they had little tag blankets for babies and I thought hmmm.. Sampson loves to chew on tags, its one of his favorite things. So I thought maybe I will make him a tag toy! It was a brilliant idea because my oldest brother just happens to be having a baby and so I can make two! That way I will get to practice on Sampsons, and make a perfect one for the baby! 

So I did a little searching and came across a few different ideas on Pinterest! So what I did was trace the shape I wanted, I got Dinosaur fabric and so I thought a Dinosaur would be perfect. 

Step 1: Cut shape or animal you would like! 

Step 2: Place Ribbon along the Right Side of the fabric (You can choose the same, different and how many different spikes you want)

Step 3: Sew right side to right side, make sure to leave an opening (I may or may not of forgot and had to open it back up!) so you can flip it (preferably along the bottom or somewhere not as noticeable. After you have sew them together, flip it so right sides are on the outside. 

 Step 4: Stuff with what ever you would like! I had an old pair of shorts and so I just cut them up and stuffed my dinosaur. (You could add plastic, bells, squawkers or anything else if you want as well)

Step 5: Hand Stitch the opening and your all done! 

Super easy and Simple! Plus my puppy loved it! He always goes to the bucket and picks his little dinosaur out! 


  1. This is such an awesome idea! Dog toys are so pricey especially when my dog just rips them to pieces in a matter of weeks :/

  2. That dino toy is so cute, def going to make one of these for my brothers dog!


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