Sunday, December 22, 2013

College Graduation

Brag Time! I feel like I can :) 

I graduated high school in 2010 and came straight to BYU-Idaho! I had about 40 transfer credits from High School and already had a head start. I went to school Fall/Spring until Fall 2013! 7 semesters later, as you can see from my pictures below, I GRADUATED! It's a huge accomplishment for me, I am the first in my family to get a College Degree. I loved every single bit of College! I couldn't of picked a better major, I chose Exercise Physiology with a Emphasis in Program Design! I LOVED IT! I really truly learned more than just intellectual knowledge, being at a church school my testimony really grew and I learned so much more about how to be a better wife, daughter, sister,mother, and friend. 

 This guy taught me so much in "Advanced Sports Psychology" All about how to make athletes better, and those things taught me how to have better relationships and a better knowledge of how to lead and teach. 
 Brother Perkes is the one of the BEST teachers. He challenged me more than any other teacher. I learned so much about the body. "Kinesiology" was a great class!

 These wonderful people were there to support me!

I couldn't of done it without all my support! My wonderful hubby, my family, and my friends. I was blessed to have great roommates that made College so great! Not only did I have great roommates, I have made great friends! I had great professors that made me love my classes. I loved learning about the body and how it works, it truly is amazing! 


  1. Congratulation great accomplishment you should feel proud of yourself. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  2. little miss smartie pants! CONGRATS! muah. xoxo

  3. Congrats! You're so lucky to be done! Haha but it sounds like you worked really hard too :) Now go party hard for Christmas! :)

  4. Congratulations!! I wish I was done!

    1. I'm not going to lie, its a little weird!

  5. Congratulations honey, So proud of you!!!! YAH, YAH, YAH, Lets see what is next in your chapter of life.

  6. Ahhh! So exciting! Inspirational!! :)


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