Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oreo Truffles!

So if you haven't had Oreo Truffles you need to make them!!! They are some of my FAVORITE things, they are really rich and you can only eat 1..... then wait a couple hours and eat another! 

I finally bought all the stuff and MADE THEM! :)

If you haven't had these delicious treats, they are so simple! 

                                   1 box of regular Oreos (Make sure there not double stuffed)
                                   1 Package of Cream Cheese
                                      Almond Back

So what you do.... put all the Oreos in a bag and smash them! I used a handy dandy blender! Once all the Oreos are smashed, mix in the cream cheese until smooth. Once that is done roll it in small balls! Put a few cubes of chocolate in a bowl and stick it in the microwave for a minute or two until it is melted, add a little oil and cover Oreo Balls. After I put mine in the freezer because I like the Chocolate to be solid but its a personal preference. You can just put them in the fridge! 

Enjoy! :) 


  1. I just made these too! I make them every year! I like using white chocolate to coat them in. I've never heard of using oil, might have to try that.

    1. THERE SO GOOD! I might have to try white chocolate!!! I just use it so that it isn't quite as thick and easy to cover!

  2. YAY for oreo truffles! So glad you posted this! THE BEST EVER. :)


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