Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Job HUNT

After graduating college I gave myself a couple weeks to find a job. I wanted to wait till after the Holidays to start looking so that I could spend time at home for the Holidays. Well boy.. that was dumb. Everyone else started before the Holidays so when I went looking I found nothing.  Living in Rexburg is very difficult. I look at other towns like Boise,  Utah,  California or anywhere ELSE and there are TONS of opportunities. In Rexburg maybe like 5 options.. So I applied everywhere almost. it didn't even matter what it was for.. 

I got interviews.. I got job offers. But nothing I really wanted.

First offer.. Alfac. 
ME sell insurance.. I could of done it..
 Did I want to? No. So I turned it down.

Second Offer... Home Care Pulse.. quality control center.. 
Did I want it.. no but it payed decent and was in Rexburg. So I decided to take it. 
First few weeks.. TERRIBLE. 
I hated sitting at a desk all day.
 I hated not being able to be social with my coworkers.
 I hated being stuck inside.
I hated talking to rude people.
I hated it. PERIOD. 
It got better. 
I got a $50 bonus one pay check. That was nice
I always got my Average for Interviews. 
It was an easy job. 
Still didn't love it. 
 But I went to work because I needed a paycheck

I have a DEGREE I should be able to get a good job right?!

So I kept looking.. 

I Interviewed at..
 Pain specialist of Idaho
Alpine Dermatology
Sleep Inn Suite (got the job here.. the pay sucked and it was far away, so I turned it down)

Then I got an interview at Nauvoo House Apartments. I used to live in these apartments. I had one interview and got called back for another. I thought it would be perfect to get this job! Free rent, utilities and everything plus a paycheck. Two days later I got a phone call. I GOT THE JOB! I was so excited and happy. Then I mentioned Sampson my puppy and everything came tumbling down. I wasn't able to keep him if I wanted the job.
Koop and I decided we would give him to my parents for the year.  That night I came home and Koop was out of town for the weekend and Sampson was the only thing I came home to.. I couldn't do it, I cried. I couldn't give away my baby. So unfortunately I turned down that job.

At this point I gave up.. I thought that I would just stick it out at my job now..

I saw a post online that Rexburg Community Care Urgent Care was hiring. They needed a Full Time Admissions Clerk working with Mountain View Hospital. I applied.. Only to find out they already filled the position. :( A week later I got a call about the same position available in Rigby, I never applied but it seemed to be perfect. I had an interview, the lady was so nice and said she would hire me right now. It wasn't her place to hire, so she said she would tell them and I would get a second interview.

The next day I got a call to come in for a second  interview in Rexburg, the position opened up again! Lucky ME! 

Long story short... 


It is perfect! It pays great. I work three 12 hour shifts and have four days of the week off! I get benefits! Its flexible! And best part.. I don't have to dress up! (For those of you that know me, I hate dressing up, and wearing normal clothes, I like sweats!) I get to wear scrubs!


  1. So glad you found one you love! Congrats! And not having to dress up?! BONUS! ;)

  2. It is incredible how things work out. Congratulations on getting the job :)

  3. Congrats! Job searching is the worst . . . So I'm happy for you that the search is over and you're happy with the final result! :)

  4. Awesome Lacey! Congratulations on your new job!

  5. scrubs everyday? that sounds like a dream! congrats!!

  6. congratulations! there is nothing i hate more than applying for jobs! and wearing scrubs every day is the best :)


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