Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This Man

This man is the best grandpa I could of ever had. 

When I was little he used to come over and cook the best dutch oven dinner you'd ever eat.

His cows would always get out, and he'd come get us grand kids (Trent, Hunter, Myles, and myself) and have us help him get them back in. He took us 4 everywhere. From rodeos, to bull sales, to the coffee shop, to the mountains for a ride, to feeding cows, to anything. We loved it. We paired up and always fought with each other. Hunter and I vs Trent and Myles. The best part was when Trent and I would fight, grandpa would ALWAYS yell at Hunter and say quit irritating. (We died laughing, but Hunter always got mad :))

He used to spoil me. Whenever we were at Rodeos or anywhere I'd ask him for some money and he'd give me a $20, then one of the other four would ask him and he'd give them $5. He gave me a horse, a car, a heifer but most importantly he gave me his time.  I stayed with him summer after summer when my family moved to Oregon. I spent every day with him. Riding horses, going to the feedlot, playing solitaire, taking naps at the park and checking the cows. I loved it. 

He loved taking us kids and pigs to the fair. One year him and I opened probably 1,000 nasty old cottage cheese containers and feed to the pigs. 

He taught us four kids how to work, we chased cows, and cows chased us. He taught us how to have patience, he would expect us to read his mind and when we didn't he'd get mad at us. He taught us to enjoy the simple things. 

Today he turns 80 years old! I wish I was there to celebrate...
 Just so you know GRANDPA I LOVE YOU. Happy Birthday.



  1. Aww, this is a beautiful post sweetie. He sounds like a great man! Happy BDay to your grandpa! <3

    Diana /
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  2. such a sweet bond that forms between a girl and her grandpa. sounds like yours is one in a million :) happy birthday to your sweet grandpa and friend.


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