Friday, June 13, 2014

Sampson & Summer

I just can't  get over my little Sampson boy! He is the cuddliest, 
most outgoing, coolest little dog you'd ever meet(and no I'm not prejudice.:) )
He even has a little girlfriend who is HALF the size of him!

Just Look at that poor wet dog! You can't tell but he is covered in dirt. He just rolled and rolled and rolled in it!

Koop and his two dogs. I bet you can't find a 
more loyal dog than his shadow boy!
& Then there is this cute boy that I kinda really like :)

& one of my FAVORITE parts of SUMMER!
& Then there is this sweet grandpa of mine who makes me so happy!
Can I just say how grateful I am for technology. I haven't got to see this cute boy yet, he is three months old already. However, I am so glad that I can see him through Skype and her his giggle, and cry, and everything that comes with him!  


  1. I will NEVER forget that he peeded on me!!!

  2. cute picture, I love you and Austin and grandpa mom


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