Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Island Park & Yellowstone

For Memorial Day Weekend we took a camping trip to Island Park. We got up there and as soon as we got outside it started pouring! We waited inside the cabin until it stopped and decided to go on a four-wheeler ride. We got out about 10-15 minutes and it started pouring on us again! We took a break in a random subway till the rain stopped. Once it stopped we headed over to Cathy & Ray's Cabin(Koops Aunt and Uncle) and visited with them. We dryed our sweaters in their dryer and headed back. It had rained so much we decided to set up camp inside :)

 We made dutch oven dinners & Peach Cobbler the first night and hamburgers, corn, and smores the next night. Sunday morning we woke up and started making breakfast and the power went out, so we packed up and decided to go riding. We rode all day! Island Park is so pretty, and their are trails over! Its such a lovely place! Our dogs loved being outside all day long!

When we got back we started a fire, the boys were pretty much pro wood choppers. 

^I mean just look at that hunk! 

Shadow freaked when we got on the four-wheeler, he wouldn't stay in the Artic Cat, he kept whining like crazy and so he decided to hop on with us. 

On Memorial Day we went to Yellowstone National Park. It is such a cool/beautiful place. We went around the WHOLE park almost! We seen lots of animals, the huge lake, old faithful and the beautiful scenery.


We got to see lots of different animals, it was really fun. We saw a Mamma Bear and her 3 cubs (the cubs would just play with each other it was cute!) We also say a coyote, some elk, a deer, a moose, and TONS of BISON. One of the coolest parts were watching them cross the river. 

 This place is beyond gorgeous, it is one of the prettiest places,
 if you haven't been you definitely should go at least once!

 Goodbye Yellowstone & Island Park


  1. It looks like you are having fun, wish i was there, the animals are cute, the food looks good, happy birthday!

  2. Looks like fun! :) Glad you had a fun birthday weekend!

  3. camping is the best! love these pictures :)


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