Wednesday, May 14, 2014

1st camp out of 2014


Some of our friends, Tyrel and Whit asked us if we wanted to do a random camping trip. So we said sure, and hurry and packed up some stuff. We headed out West of Rexburg just in the middle of nowhere, parked our trucks and started on a four-wheeling ride.

Even Sampson boy came riding with us, all over. We watched a group of people blow up random objects, koop and tyrel raced up the hills, and we just went cruising all over. 

After it started getting dark we headed back to make a fire.  We gathered some rocks and made a pretty good fire pit I'd say, then the boys left to the river to find some roasting sticks while Whit and I kept the fire going, (We did better than the boys, it was nice and big and no smoke!)

 After we got the fire going, we sat around talked and roasted hot dogs. My favorite part about camping is the camp fires, they are so relaxing and easy!

 Koop and I didn't plan super well, all we brought was sleeping bags, and slept in the bed of the pick up. If you know anything about pickups you know there are little grooves and there not the softest. I slept just fine because I can sleep on anything, but poor koop slept terrible, and of course woke up at like 6am! So finally I heard him rustling by the fire and woke up with him. 

I'm still half asleep in the mornings. 

 Look at these cuties!
All in all the random-camp trip was a success. Thanks Tyrel and Whit!


  1. You two are cute! :) LOVE YOU!! So glad I got to see you Sunday!!!!


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