Monday, August 18, 2014


I have the best husband in the whole world! Want to know why? 

Well On Wednesday the 13th I decided I was going to do the Rexburg Rush Triathlon on Saturday the 16th.  I have always wanted to do one, however, I didn't want to spend money to sign up for one. Well, a guy in our ward posted on our Facebook Page saying there was a free ticket up for grabs so I said "I'll do it!." 

I sent a text to Koop saying look at my FB Post. This is what it said.  "So I decided to do the RUSH triathalon Saturday, does anyone have a road bike I could borrow for the race?!"

The first response I get from him was "Are you Crazy?!"

I knew It wasn't something that I was going to be amazing at, and I definitely wasn't going to win. However, it was something that I have wanted to do for a long time.  Later, that day I got offered another ticket for Kooper or someone else to run with me. I asked all my friends, however, none of them thought they were in shape enough to do it. I originally asked Kooper and he said no, but he was the only option I had left. I asked him over and over and over. Every time he said NO! I haven't worked out in forever, and I can't swim. Slowly by slowly we got all the gear for TWO!

Race Day came and Kooper mossied around and kept saying "I really don't want to do this." I knew that it wouldn't be as fun, and I might not make it without him. We preceded to the event and got everything set up. Just ten minutes before the race was going to start, Koop was dead set on not doing it. I finally agreed and said "Okay, you don't have to do it." With that disappointing, sad look. I put my goggles and swim cap on and headed down to the water alone. 

With 5 Minutes till race time, Koop joined me!! And that you see is why I have the best hubby! This was something he really did not want to do, but he did it for me! 

We started with the 1/2 Mile swim. I love the water, and thought that the swim was great. The water was warm, and it was just kind of relaxing(Minus my stupid goggles, fogging up and filling with water.) Koop on the other hand, HATED, the water! His 5% body fat provided him with no warmth and he was shaking the whole time, and hating life. 

Then we transition to the 15 mile bike! Koop took like five minutes to get ready it felt like, but I couldn't complain! We borrowed/rented road bikes and man was that the best thing we could of done. We had very very nice bikes that helped us fly! The bike was really not bad. We had to bike the Temple hill and one other hill that was a KILLER! But other than that it really wasn't to bad! (I'm bummed we didn't get any pictures of this transition.)
^ Right before we started the run!

The last part was the 5k.  We parked our bikes,  I took my biking shoes off and headed to the run. Let me tell you my legs were so tight and stiff. I grabbed an orange, Gatorade energy goop and water and it just made my tummy turn. The goop had the nastiest texture but Koop liked it. Within 5 minutes he was as hyper as could be, full of energy!! I had to keep walking, my legs would just not move! Then we get to about mile 2 and it is straight up a dirt hill! We pretty much walked all of that. Meanwhile Kooper is singing "There's always gonna be an up hill battle." "I can show you the world." and other songs that related to our hike! Once we got to the top, I ran the rest of the way and my legs felt a little better!

I think our time was about 2 hours! So not the greatest, but really not all that bad for not training, taking our time during the transitions, and just having fun. 
^We floated the river after, and koop got a nice tattoo!

To end... We got nice, relaxing massages!

All in all, I have the best husband. Not many people can go out and do a triathlon without working out in at least 8 months! Thanks hunny for doing something for me because you love me. I know you didn't want to, but you did great. We did great together! I love you!


  1. I am so proud of you. Kooper is amazing to do this with you, wish I could of been there cheering you two on. Love you, Mom

  2. Wow, that is awesome! There's no way I could have done that.

  3. you guys are awesome!!


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