Monday, August 18, 2014

Weber County Fair

 I have went to the Weber County Fair ever since I was like 6 Years old. I showed Pigs from 8 years old to 18 years old, with a steer here and there. I loved it, our family was never very good at it, but it was something that I could do with my grandpa, and I'm forever grateful for that opportunity.
I luckily enough, married a fair boy as well! He loves to do steers, and knows what he is doing. So every year we go down and help out Lindsey, Kennedy, and Gav boy get theirs ready. Which I am glad because its fun to go down and spend some time with the family.

All in all, the cousins did really good!!

We also got the chance to go to the Ogden Temple Open House! It is a very pretty, beautiful temple. I can't wait to go in and do a session!


  1. Love the pictures, can't wait to go watch my grand kids at the fair. Mom

  2. I was definitely a steer girl! (with some heifers, goats, and hair sheep thrown in the mix) I also won the Grand Champion status in the Fitting Contest! So happy to see another farm girl.

    1. Steers were definitely fun! They are a lot more work though, thats aweomse you would grand in fitting, that takes a lot of work and practice!


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