Friday, August 15, 2014

Catch Up

Lets catch up on life!

First 4th of July! Yes I know it has been that long! I will start posting more often!

I had to work till 4. Which really wasn't bad because the parade went right past my work and so I got to sit outside with Kooper, Tyrel and Whit  and watch. Then after we went to IF to hang out and watch the fire works!

 Koop, Richard, Markie and I all ran the color run in Rexburg, July 5th! Koop and Richard ran ahead and Markie and I ran together. Then we rafted the ashton river with her family. Koop and I ended up sharing a tube that went flat and had a rough ride down the river. Luckily we got another tube and made it! I am so glad that we got to hang out with them for a little while.

^Koops got way more color than I did!
^Are elbow cracks got sweaty and made the color all gross!
^He got it way worse!!!
^This picture makes our legs look weird but oh well!
^ I love this girl!

Chelsea has been my work out buddy the last few months, and I am very sad they left to Oregon. We got really good the last few weeks. Her and Jake were also our WalleyBall buddies, and Koops golf buddy! But good thing they will only be gone about a month.

Koop spends a lot of time working on the farm. Every now and then Sampson and I go with him.
 ^ If he could chew on sticks all day long he would!
^ For a little dog it's kind of surprising how much he loves the water.
 ^sometimes I like to take selfies of myself when Koop takes forever!
^Sampson thinks he is tuff and chases cows like a cow dog.

Then sometimes life is just random. And we do whatever we want!

 ^Sometimes Sampson has more friends than I do.

^We went to the fault in our stars.. Cute movie, not like a favorite of mine though.
^Yummy Snowcone.
 ^Sampson's first hike was pretty funny.  He loved it but there was times he would get tired and just put his feet
on me wanting me to pick him up!

^Nicole came to visit us! It was fun! I miss having her in RExburg! 
^ Trying to practice before we go HUNTING!

^My hot hubby!

Well YAY for July, you were a good month!

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