Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Is My FAV!

Awhile I was driving home and this big jerk cut me off and then stared me down like it was my fault. I can still see his mean look! And it just made me in a bad mood. Well I get home and I get on Facebook to find out I won a contest! I entered to win a photo shoot! I have never ever won anything on FB or Instagram or anything like that! But this time I did! 

If you made it all the way through these, you are a trooper! One thing I like about Jennifers Work is that she doesn't put her name on every picture. I hate when its this wonderful picture and the part that stands out the most is the photographers name! 

If you want her to take your pictures or see more of her work you can go to....


  1. Fall is my fav too! Especially to take family pictures. I love that your puppy tagged along; all three of you are so cute. :)

  2. great pictures. She did a really good job. Which one do I get? I love them all. mom

  3. Cute pics! And always SO FUN to win any sort of contest :)

  4. these pictures are absolutely STUNNING! you & your little family are SO cute.

  5. Those pictures are the cutest! You guys look great!


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