Friday, October 31, 2014


This was the first year I have ever been hunting! I really enjoyed it, it was a great experience!

The first morning we woke up at 5 and was out on the Mountain before 6! As we headed up the Mountain we spotted a few Does and a 2 point buck. I didn't want the 2 point, I wanted something bigger so we kept going. Everyone was going to give me the first shot because it was my first time. Well all of a sudden this nice buck comes out of the brush and Kooper squats down and is ready, so we wait for him. Well something was messed up with his gun and when he shot the gun clicked. Long story short the buck ran off and we could not find him again! :(
That night we went out to a spot where we had spotted them a few days back, we waited and just kept seeing does, until all of a sudden there was a smaller 4 point buck. So I decided I would go for him! Once I decided my adreneline just took off! I swear my heart and chest was pounding! There was a couple horses that kept scaring them off and then a little doe was in the way, but finally I got a shot.... and I missed! Koop said I was just barely above. However, it was to dark that I couldn't find exactly which one he was because he got so far away.
 The next two days we went out and seen NOTHING! With our tag being in Malad we only had the weekend and didn't get anything.  However, just going out with the family all weekend was so much fun! I loved the adrenaline, and the excitement of seeing them.


  1. what fuuuun! i went for my first time this past year too. hunting with hubby is the best!


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