Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween 2014

I love dressing up for Halloween! What I love most is that Kooper will do anything that I want to do. This is our 2nd year dressing up as a "couple" and I LOVE IT! Last year we were The Man in the Yellow Hat & Curious George!

This year I thought and thought what we could do for our costume. I couldn't think of anything that wasn't all over Pinterest. And this my friends.. I thought on my OWN!!! I was pretty proud because Pinterest has everything!  It was so easy to make. We just found a tube(the only tube, this time of year) and spray painted it and glued on colorful pipe cleaners.  For Koop, he has the clothes, we just bought a badge, borrow some handcuffs and I used my Silhouette to cut out Police!
In 2011 all of us girls lived together and I am so glad that we are all still friends. We missed Alexa and Levi though! We got together carved pumpkins, watched a scary movie, and went to a haunted house. It was so much fun! 

Halloween night we got out these bubble balls and had a blast. Bowdrie, Ashley and a couple of their friends partner with Armor Pest Defense. They bought 10 of these awesome balls and we just had a blast! If you want to sell pest control get in contact, they are awesome!

This year Halloween was a blast! What did you do?!


  1. this is so great! i am just dying over that donut tube of yours.


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