Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Recap of Feb. In Pictures

Well I have been MIA from blogging ever since we moved. I am trying to be better at it but I have gotten really bad at taking pictures. So my goal is to start taking more pictures of what is going on. 

Valentines Day
^These were our gifts to each other. 
^ I even got Breakfast in BED! what a keeper I got! Nothing beats strawberry toast!

 ^We went shopping for house stuff, and then to dinner at Olive Garden. It was a pretty good date. I love my hubby!

 ^ Carter had a Valentines Day Program and it was pretty cute!

Utah Weekend Getaway

 ^ Cousin had her baby shower, so of course we had to go! Such a cute little prego mommy!

Ben and Tayonna let us stay with them and took us to shoot guns! I loved their handgun.  Thanks Ben and Tayonna for everything....

 ^One Morning I woke up with a swollen eye, and looking back at the pictures they're to funny not to share!

A Little Family Time....

^Swimming is always really fun!

 ^Silly Boy put every scarf, headband, and tights on that he could find!


  1. whaooo i made the blog!
    ps. i love when you blog.
    pss. come see my baby
    psss. i love you cousin!

  2. That swimming pool looks amazing!


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