Monday, March 30, 2015

Farming Life As Of Late...

This Winter we got to be home for calving season. So far about 90 have calved, and they are so cute! Every time we feed they just RUN and RUN. (It's the main reason I like helping Koop)

Koop taught me how to drive the tractor with the forklift on it. So Sampson gets to ride in the tractor with me, and take pictures while we're waiting. 
^Seriously how cute is he!

^Sampson was at the fence and the cows were trying to figure out what he was. 
^Favorite part of the farm!
^Koop was helping one of the twins figure things out!  

I'm glad we decided to move to Malad, and for Kooper to work on the farm. It has been a blessing for him and for our family. Its something he loves to do and something that I love as well. 


  1. They are so cute, I'm glad that you two are enjoying the farm life. All you need is a few pigs now.


    Now you need to show off your new house.

  2. Bahahah tell that to Koop. I already asked if we could get a feeder pig.

  3. Awwwww it sounds like such a blessing! Love seeing your photos!!


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