Thursday, May 14, 2015

1st Trimester

Guys! Can you believe I'm pregnant...
I still can't yet, it almost doesn't feel real.
As the weeks go by I really want to document a little of how baby is making me feel...
Koop insisted the spot we take pictures has to be by something that will change as the season does, so when you see me standing by a dead tree at first that is why! I love that he wants to take a new picture and watch the progress of our little human each week, it makes me happy!!

1st Trimester!!!!!!

I'm pregnant! I don't really feel pregnant or any different but I am!
1st week in our new house! We even spoke at church today!
Felt sick at church.. Nerves or Nausea?
Baby has an empty room, just patiently waiting for its arrival!!

Baby is always hungry around 9 or 10 am.
 If I don't eat baby gets upset and make me feel shaky and weird!
Gained 6 pounds b/c I'm ALWAYS HUNGRY
I feel like my boobs are more tender than EVER! (sorry if your a guy reading this)

7-8 Week
We have been so busy and forgot pictures. Didn't feel any different.

-1st week of throwing up (Thankfully not very much, it barely counts!)
-This week baby did not like cheese its (Except this time definitely counted..TMI? ;/ )
-Baby is making me look bloated this week (I have a tiny bump)
-No more weight gain yet though!
-I'm still ALWAYS cold, especially at church, I always take a jacket.

-Baby doesn't care for Root Beer or Sprite!
-I have gotten to the point, Koop always laughs and calls me tum tum because my belly just looks pushed out all the time.
-My family is here this week and I finally get to tell them in person!
-Doctor said the sharp pain I get randomly is round ligament pain... 

-1st ultrasound, baby looks like a little alien
-Baby doesn't like guacamole this week
-Doctor said baby is 3 days farther along due date now Nov 7th!
-Heartbeat was 169

-Baby likes a nap every couple days!
-They say your hair isn't supposed to fall out but mine definitely does!
-Baby is starting to only like plain foods, or food that's warm (Totinos pizza, and pizza rolls)
-We've started telling more people, its kinda fun!

1st Trimester is over and I am feeling pretty good. I am so excited for this little baby to come! I can't even wait! Every time I see a baby picture or baby outfit it makes me so excited!!

P.S No I did not plan on wearing the same red cardigan for half of my pictures.. I guess I need to mix it up a little!


  1. Lacey you are so cute! Round ligament pain totally sucks for sure. Be aware of charlie horses, they started in my 2nd trimester.

    1. I know it did! He was surprised I had it so early, but I haven't had any more problems with it! I am not looking forward to charlie horses! bah doesn't even sound fun!

  2. Oh my goodness you can just tell from your photos (and the words) how giddy you are!! So happy for you, you are seriously radiating beams of joy!!! Loved reading the updates and getting to even know your precious baby already!

    1. Thanks Brooke! Its seriously so exciting for us! We love this little baby!

  3. congrats momma! so excited for you!


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