Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jones Family Photos!

Can I just say I don't think my whole family has ever been in a photo shoot in my WHOLE LIFE! So this was pretty amazing to get everyone together. Mandi Ward Photography took them. She is located in Malad, Idaho and she did a great job. We had a lot of fun taking them and I love them!

 ^My mom wanted the dogs.. SO of course they are in it.. This one is my favorite though!

 ^I really love this one too.. Even though Kooper was pulling a face. My dad has a pretty good smoulder going on!

 ^Mandi said do a serious face, and we tried soooo HARD! Between laughing constantly somehow she managed to get this one! And its not that bad!
 ^ I love love love this one too!

 ^ Austin just woke up and didn't really want to smile, but he is still so stinkin cute!
 ^ I love my brothers!

 ^Can we all take a moment to look how funny this is. While Dad, Trevor and Trent are smiling all cute at Austin, Kooper is mimicking him. I think its so cute!

Family is not an important thing. It's everything.
 I sure do love this family of mine!

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  1. Having all of the family together is the best. And I wanna explore that log cabin! haha


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