Monday, May 4, 2015

Family Week

My WHOLE family came to visit for the week!
We had a good time and did a lot of fun things! 
Trevor, Cynthia, and Austin came from Canada and it was good to see them, because Canada is so far away that they don't come very often...
I learned that my dad was the "stay at home mom" with us 3 when we were little.. No wonder after a few minutes kids always love him. 
My Brothers tried to fix the fan in my bathroom and failed... hahah 
good thing Kooper is my handy man!

We went swimming one night, played volleyball, basketball and got way tired!
Another day, we spent on the mountain riding all over.... I don't think my whole family has ever done anything like this ALL TOGETHER... It was really fun.

Then we had to show these city Canadians some COWS! I couldn't imagine life without the farm anymore, so I'm glad I got to share with little Austin, how fun it is!

We also got to shoot guns... Trevor surprised us all and could hit almost every single clay pigeon. Trent on the other hand not so much. But as soon as we seen rabbit, within 2 seconds bang and he got it. Dad loves animals, and didn't like that very much. Trevor and Kooper had a shooting contest and TIED! 
We even got to take Trevor and Cynthia branding.. 
Here is my little baby calf, isn't she a cutie!

Trevor even branded one and gave one a shot... Good job brother!

Then the last day in Malad, we went on a Helicopter and they got to see how cute Malad was from way up high!

Oh and of course they had to come see my horse! He was so lazy, soaking up the sun he didn't want to get up! Baby Austin looks good on a horse.. Maybe he should be a cowboy ;)

 ^I even got to meet sweet baby Andrew. He's so cute!

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