Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2015 Youth Conference

Koop and I got called as "Mission Presidents" for the 2015 Stake Youth Conference. It was a great experience. We were the youngest couple called as mission presidents but I am so glad they thought of us!
We had 6 boys come into our home Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We had scripture study, personal prayer, family kneeling prayer, prayers for everything else, activities, and then the church had several activities and firesides planned. They had the cast of Ephraim's Rescue come, and Stephanie Boyd come and sing to us. We took pictures of gravestones for family history, learned about the last supper, made oil lamps, cleaned vehicles, ....

They all did wonderful and it was neat to hear the different experiences each of them had to share. It was a fun 3 days, and we really enjoyed housing these 6 young men and learning more about them, while participating in learning more about the gospel. 
Here are a few pictures from the few days!

^They did a candy drop... and oh man there was a million pieces of candy. It was really fun!
^The car wash, led to a water fights, to a towel wiping fight, to a wrestling match!

^Making our oil lamps, someone got a little excited and cut their finger!
^Cake with lots of frosting ends in a face smearing contest!
^This was our group of boys.. we loved them. It was a great group!

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