Tuesday, June 30, 2015


YES I am a SLACKER! I haven't posted any pictures for 3 months! SO feel free to skip this if you don't want to see an overload... or feel free to take a peek!
 ^Koop takes new pictures of me every week and this week I got a cute selfie.
 ^Congrats Lind on graduating High School! You will do great things!
 ^ A Few pictures from moving cows!

 ^Sampson and I chased the cows on the metal horse!
 ^The boys loving the horse rides!
 ^This year for my birthday I got pretty spoiled! I got a new bow (something I've wanted for a long time) a new saddle blanket, a new phone case, perfume and then some smaller things. Thanks Hubby and everyone else!

 ^ This is the 3rd place Koop and I have lived in, but our 1st actual house! We love having more room, a yard, and not a million neighbors!
 ^I keep getting these weird bites, and this time this one looked really weird! 
They act like mosquito bites and normally itch like crazy!
 ^Look at these sleepy boys!!

 ^Ross was visiting his uncle and stopped by to say hi! Thanks Ross!

 ^When I was weeding my raspberries, Sampson all of a sudden went crawling through them and this little rodent came running out. Well I sent the dogs on him, and they tag teamed him until he trapped himself by our garbage can. They chased him away from our house but this nasty little weasel is vicious. Him and Sampson both took their turns on each other and the next day Sampson looked like this... He was whimpering and his ear was all lopsided. I thought for sure it was because that dumb weasel bit bit him. However, we took him to the vet and he had a piece of June Grass stuck way down in his ear.

 ^On my walk the other day, I found where I want to build my future home!!!!
^I'm really loving this warm weather, green grass, and this cute dog!
 ^This boy has been working so hard farming the past 3 weeks!
 ^We got to take a little time off and go camping with the family at Oneida Narrows...

 ^My Family came down for the gender revel party and a few other things. I am really grateful that I have a house now and that my family can come and spend time more often. It really makes me happy when they come and visit!
 My Mom and I went to Utah to visit my grandpa in the nursing home and I got to spend some time with some of my favorite people!

^Grandpa got moved to Heritage Park Nursing home. It was kind of a sweet reminder when I used to visit his parents in that same nursing home!
^ I love my cousins, and I love going to Rodeos to watch my cousin Bull Ride!

^Love these cousins of mine!

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  1. Aw you look so great! I love your puppy!! <3


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