Wednesday, July 8, 2015

We're Having A GIRL!

Ever since I have been pregnant I have thought this little baby was a girl! 

For the longest time I have always wanted a little boy first... However, my brother has a boy, my sister in law has 2 boys, 4 cousins just had boys... and I kinda wanted to have the 1st little girl! So as the time got closer I started hoping for a girl.. Koop still wanted a boy, he wanted a little mini him. 

We went in for our ultrasound and decided to not find out.. We wanted the ultrasound tech to put it in an envelope and we were going to open it together later. We thought about making a cake for our family and surprising them, and then we thought about someone else making a cake and surprising us all. Well we waited till last minute and so his sister volunteered to make the cake.  She got on Pinterest and got all these cute ideas that it just turned into a party! 

She got all different pink and blue candies and decorated the kitchen. I LOVED IT! I definitely am a person that enjoys things like that... She made it so much more fun! 
^She didn't realize the pink on the bottom was noticeable so she put a plate under it so we couldn't see.
My family was coming the next day, so we waited for them to share this moment with us. The day of the ultrasound I was so anxious and wanted to peek! But Koop wouldn't let me! The envelope was sealed shut! 

Thursday came and it was time to open it! Let me just tell you my dad thought this whole party was silly, and was a girl thing. He kept saying what are the balloons for, what is the confetti for, I don't understand.. haha it was great. My Aunt Terri and Vicki and Cousins Kennedy amd Lindsey surprised us and was at our house before we got there. It was SOO nice of them to come!
Thanks to Krichele for the party! It was great. And thanks to all our family that came and supported our silly little gender revel party! WE love you and love this baby girl!

We are BOTH excited.. Koop says even though I wanted a boy... You can tell on my face I am still excited for a girl!


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