Tuesday, August 11, 2015


 It's kind of sad when my titles are monthly.. Maybe when this cute little girl comes we will have more excitement in our lives! As for now here is July in Pictures! 

^4th of July was a success. The parade was really fun, and we got a ton of candy!

^It was so hot! SO of course had to pull out the water slide. Koop was the only adult technically small enough to try it out.
^Look at my skinny little boy!

^Koop, Teresa and Krichele was in the competition where they had a frozen t-shirt and had to thaw it out enough to put it on. Lets just say someone else won! It took them awhile to get it slighty pulled apart.
^ Kelly and I had to try and get the watermellon to explode by putting rubber bands on it. However, we were given sucky rubber bands and they weren't strong enough. After using like 1,000 we ran out and the 1st one to break it won.

^Jason had 4 attempts at either picking a hard boiled egg or a raw egg, and they had to smash it on their head. Jason didn't take a hat and luckily out of all 4 eggs he got boiled eggs! He was the only one that didn't get a raw egg and so he won!
^We got a bunch of awesome fireworks!

^ The wind started blowing so hard after the firework show, that when we went home to light out own it didn't last very long. The wind tipped over one of our duck dynasty packs and started shooting towards our house and propane tank. It was kind of scary so we called it a night after that!

^ I made my first t-shirt quilt. I completely did it on my own, and kind of just figured it out. I was pretty impressed. Its not perfect by any means but it looks pretty good.

^We had a summer party with the gang! It was pretty fun, like usual.

Koop and I dominated at ladder ball. We beat EVERYONE. Yes I can brag, because we are that awesome!

We went to Skylar and Kelsies sealing. It was beautiful, and everything after was beautiful! Congrats to the cutest little family!

^I sure do have the hardest working hubby ever!
^We took a date night to Ogden Pioneer Days. It was pretty fun!

^Koop and I went to check on cows, and got attacked by June Grass. The poky, devil weeds were so tall they kept coming back to hit us. It was TERRIBLE!
^I brushed him off at least 10 times!
^My family came up and we went for a couple four-wheeler rides in the mountains.

Some of the cute YM and YW at the Martin Harris Pageant.

I really love these two and really love when we go on walks!

^ Koop and I were gone all weekend and came home and picked 22 cucumbers! Thanks Nicole for helping me!
^Went to the Preston Parade with these lovely ladies, and little boys and girl!
^I love this picture of me and my momma. I can't wait to see what little girl looks like next to us. Maybe she will look like Kooper only! OR maybe me ... OR hopefully both of us!
^I finally updated our ugly mailbox!
^CAn yoou just tell how excited I am about this whole pregnancy. I can't wait for baby girl to come!

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