Wednesday, August 12, 2015

2nd Trimester

-Baby likes mom to go to sleep early now!
-Still really like pizza! But not take out, the cheap totinos pizza. 
-Still don't really feel like I'm pregnant
-Not much sickness
-Baby is really bringing out the acne though... not a huge fan!

-Baby craved Chinese Food... We drove to Preston just for dinner (thanks hubby)
-Baby can handle pop again! Yay for a little Mountain Dew!!!
-Baby gained 2 pounds (prob the Chinese ;) )
-Had my 1st Mothers Day! (Thanks For making me a MOM baby!)

-Had a doctor app. They always make me so nervous! I just worry that something will be wrong or what not! But once I hear the heartbeat that fear goes away.. P.S Heartbeat 150!  
-Baby did not like root beer or sweet tart laffy taffys(luckily church has a family bathroom!) :(
-Finally got the Pizza Hut I have been wanting... it was delicious
-People have actually noticed my bump this week! Its starting to show!
^I forgot to take a picture this week, but here is an awkward one I took to send to my mom!

- I got a lot of headaches this week
- My stomachs is big enough it a like one big roll that doesn't go away now
- got a little sick almost everyday this week :(
-Baby really likes watermelon, donuts, breakfast burritos, and breakfast sandwiches. (Or its at least a good excuse to eat them now :) )
-I got really bad pain in my right arm all week! It felt numb and tingly and sucked!
^ (1st bathroom selfie)
- Baby has gained another 3 lbs
- Baby loves otter pops, or at least I do
- Baby CANNOT STAND SMELLY SMELLS (dog throw up...eww, or even cow poop or even my wiping my nephews butt made me want to throw up)
- I have been able to run 2 miles still this week! (I haven't tried to run farther, but I can do the two mile loop around my house still! I think the dogs are getting more tired)
- I think I felt the baby move.. Koop might of been reading/singing the lyrics to "I've got a girl crush." and I swear I felt it, but then he sang other songs and I didn't feel anything so who knows!

-I get lots of headaches lately. Boo
- I still think I have more acne than I did in middle school. And now its on my hairline, chest, and back... and I am a picker, which is probably not a good thing.
-Ran 3 miles this week!
-When I yawn it stretches my stomach
-Everything seems pretty good this week!
-I think I felt another movement at work this week!

-Moms having babies after me are finding out the gender and I'm dying to find out! (My doctor wants us to wait until 20 weeks) 
-I really think I am starting to feel the baby, its just like my stomach growling and moving.
-I got 4 really bad charlie horse cramps in my calf in the middle of the night this week. The 1st one my calf was like rock solid and it hurt so bad!
-Baby really made me want skittles.. I kept thinking about them till I finally bought a bag.
 ^I sent this to Koop saying "I look like a beached whale" and I KNOW I really don't I just for had to put on a swim suit for the first time and it definitely showed my belly bump...

- Baby is moving this week! Koop felt the first kick 06/23. Normally I say the baby is moving and he tries to feel and can't. But this time he felt it right away. It was kinda cute :)
- Doctor said I need to drink more water.. So I've been trying harder.. but I get sick of water after awhile!
-Had the ultrasound... BABY IS A GIRL! Koop was hoping for a boy, and I was thinking a girl and we are getting a girl! Which either way we are just happy we're having a baby! We had a little party here.... 
-According to my last cycle baby should be due the 10th of November. However, at the first ultrasound baby was measuring at the 7th, so I changed the due date to the 7th on my phone app. And at this last ultrasound baby is measuring at the 10th now. So I had to move my date from the 7th back to the 10th so I don't get to excited. bahh
-Heartbeat at ultrasound was 145 - At doctor appoint 161

21 WEEKS: July 1st-July 8th
^ I am not very good at the whole bathroom selfies but its the only one I had for this week! 
-I didn't really notice very much this week.. Everything has been going really well. 
- A little gassy, and constipated (TMI? sorry?)

22 WEEKS: July 7th-14th
-I got sick on Tuesday and just laid around all evening but it wasn't bad. I think I just was tired and needed a nap :)
-I have been trying to hard to drink more and its SO HARD. I think I pee almost immediately after I even drink anything.. but its for the baby so I try harder.  
-I always sleep with my body pillow cuddled up to me, when I lay on my back I feel like I am so stretched out. 

23 WEEKS JULY 14th-21st
-I have been soooo tired this week. I just think about sleep so bad! 
-Baby isn't much of a fan of fast food!
-We have our first baby class this week!

-Baby girl moves so much! And we are 1 week closer to her being here!
Baby girl we WON the prettiest crib for you! We got all the pieces out (we're just waiting for a couple missing ones, but you will look so cute in)
Got a hemorrhoid. thanks baby! I know that's gross, but not very many read this anyways and I want to remember these symptoms and when I get them. Its not like a bad one, its just a air pocket basically.


Baby girl you make me so happy when you move a lot. I just wonder what your thinking in there as your rolling around. It makes me so happy.
I see baby girls and I instantly smile, and think what it will be like when you're here!
Sampson is going to be so jealous of you. He is the baby and is so spoiled he will be sad, when he doesn't get all the attention and snuggles.

Mom decided this week that she is sick of cucumbers. I think we might of had wayyyy to many this summer, and baby decided no more!
I constantly wonder what you will look like... Me or Kooper, some of both.. What will it be! I keep saying as long as you don't get Koopers ears, or his families eye sight we will be okay! ;)

We made it past the 2nd Trimester! WAhooo!


  1. yay! So much closer to baby time. Don't worry about TMI, it's real, it's cool. Hemorrhoids are the worst, I didn't get any until after labor, but it made life a lot harder. Hang in there momma, all the symptoms are worth it (and you forget them anyway). :)

    1. Yay! I know being in the 3rd trimester just seems so much more real! And good to know.. sometimes I like ah should I put that or is that to gross haha. so thank you!

  2. Congrats! so happy for you. You are so cute pregnant :)


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