Monday, September 28, 2015

BAby Shower #2

My family in Utah threw me a baby shower this past weekend and I LOVED IT! I absolutely love baby showers, and the fact that they have been mine make me so happy! I can't wait for this babe to get here!!!

Below are some of the gifts we got from the shower! We got some of the cutest things! We have gotten a lot of clothes and so I was excited that we got a lot of different things and a lot of blankets which I LOVE! and diapers... we can never have enough diapers!  

I mean look at these blankets.. they are all so adorable!

I am so glad that my extended family is as close as it is. My moms siblings and us cousins are all really really close. Thanks to all my family who came and supported this little girl! I love you all! Big thanks to Jennie and Chelsey for putting it on, and for Shellie for hosting it at her house!

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  1. just saw this!!! soooo cute!
    can't wait for that little girl to get here either! eeeek!


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