Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Baby Shower #3

Can I just tell you I LOVE BABY SHOWERS! They are so fun! And they are 100x better when they are for YOUR baby! I can't wait till this little girl is here and we can read books, dress her in these outfits, and play with these toys! My mother in-law and sister-in-law threw me a shower this week and it was perfect. I am sad I didn't get any of the table, and all the desserts they did.. But let me just tell you it was CUTE! We also forgot to take a group picture(lame)

^I had the best helpers! 
Look at all these cute books! It makes me so happy and I can't wait to read them to her! 
Okay just look at these outfits.. I wish they made them in my size!!! I will be sad when she grows out of them because they are so cute... Just take another look at those dresses on the front row.. I think dresses are my weakness! I can't wait for Church to come! 

^Carter and Wheeler picked out the cute little outfit on the left and this blanket... I love my nephews! 
^Sweet Shawna and Sam definitely spoiled this little girl! 
^Tyrel and Whit got us the cutest little boots and a bath! Can't wait to bathe her!

So at work there are 3 of us having babies! I'm due the 10th, Anna is due the 18th, and Nicole is due the 20th! It will be a race to see who comes first! They are both having boys! And its there 6th and 3rd child! So who knows! But anyways, we got these cute gifts from our coworkers! Carol gave us that little pink outfit and I love it... it says "My fingers may be small but I can still wrap my daddy around them." Bahh I can't wait!
Then they made this cute cute diaper cake.. Isn't it adorable!!! 
I really love everyone.. and am so grateful for everyone and there generosity and love they have shown to Koop, myself and this little baby!!!

Want to see what else this little girl got... We had a shower in my hometown(Nyssa, Oregon), and one in Utah where my mom's side lives... 

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  1. i dreamed of reading to andrew and all that kid does is hits the books and tries to eat them. ha!
    one day.
    ps. that baby aveeno lotion/wash it the best. when andrew was born and a couple months i washed him with the johnsons and that gave him a little bit of ezema so i started using the aveeno and its great. jessie uses that too. so start off with that. johnsons smells good and everything but i've only heard and seen not so good thing it does on babies skin!


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