Thursday, May 12, 2016

Distinguished Young Womens

When Kenzie asked me if I wanted to be her "hostess" for DYW I had no idea what to really expect. We didn't have that program at my high school and I have never been to watch one before. Shortly after saying yes, several people said "Oh boy" thats a lot of time and work! And boy were they right!  :) But thats okay I am so glad that I got to help her! I loved getting to know her and the other girls a little bit more and seeing what the pageant was all about.. 

Lots of women today say how they would never do it again, or I don't want my daughter to do that program. Well after helping with it I don't see why they WOULDN'T want their daughter to do it. I think the program teaches them SO MUCH! Sure they might get their feelings hurt if they don't win, sure it might be a lot of work, and sure it might be a lot of time. 

BUT how much do they gain...
1. They learn how to interview! Which will help them for the rest of their LIFE!
2. They learn how to have confidence and believe in themselves.
3. They learn how to put make up on, do their hair and feel pretty.
4. They learn to walk pretty, and simply WALK IN HIGH HEELS.
5. They learn more about themselves studying for interview questions, practicing their talents, and being drilled everyday.  
6.They learn more about what is going on in the world around us and how they would like to make it better.
7. They build new friendships.
8. They are dedicated and put forth LOTS of hardwork! 

I don't know about you.. but this program, I think is personally pretty cool.

Kenzie did awesome.. She improved 100% at interview, she made an awesome costume, and did such a fun dance, she looked beautiful in her self-expression, and I just loved being her hostess.. 

Here's a couple pictures from our adventure...

^Good thing they liked Adilee because they got stuck holding her everyday! 
 ^Making the cards for her costume!
 When she first told me she wanted to do this dance I was like how in the world are we going to make that.. It was pretty tough, but I'm impressed that we did it!

 ^Thanks hubby for your help :)
 ^I LOVE bright socks, and figured the girls would too!

 ^There was so many cute gifts, flowers, and little things for the girls.. It was so sweet..

^I made that cute little green sign for Kenzie. I hope if anything she learned how to BE HERSElF! Because with everything going on in the world.. we don't need to pretend to be anybody but ourself!

 ^Not the best lighting, but these girls seriously did so good! They are all beautiful and I was so impressed!

^Such good parents.. Your raising a good girl!

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