Tuesday, May 17, 2016


We went to Seattle for Kyle & Megan's Wedding! It turned out great and was so pretty!

 AND WERE OFF! This little nugget was snug in the middle.. All 7 of us fit nicely in the van! Good thing I got a mom car right :)
 We asked this guy to take a picture and he tried like 5 times but at least got 1!

 Our first stop! Taco Bus! It was Cinco de Mayo.. Wasn't the best Taco place but it was pretty decent..

Then we stopped in this little town called Grace Idaho.. It was pretty neat, they had several antique stores! (with pretty pricey items, a stairway to get to all the houses, a cute little tour bus, and an awesome wall for taking pictures!)

^ Thank goodness for self timer :)

We went to Pike Place downtown Seattle.. Let me tell you driving down there sucks! Especially when you don't know where you're going and you get all the way to the main walking area. I might of hit someones backpack with my mirror because the idiots kept walking in the middle of the road!  But we finally found a parking garage!
 Everyone else was taking pictures together.. so me and Adi did the same.. 
I'm so glad I have my little best friend..
They have so many stores, and  people on the side of the street offering bike rides, playing music, or doing whatnot.

 Seattle is pretty and smells like FISH. Lots of FISH

 ^ We went down to get breakfast and Kallie was in the shower so we barricaded her on the bed.. When really all we had to do was put her in the pack n play.. (idiots...well me.. whoops)
 ^The hotel we stayed at at bacon, sausage, fresh omlets (with your choice of toppings), potatoes, yogurt, muffins, waffles, cereal.. you name it.. It was pretty fancy... 
^I sure do like these two ... I think Teresa and Krichele gets more of you the "oh you look like sisters than we do.. " even though we are closer in age.
^Krichele and I even got our workout in first thing in the morning!

 ^Adi loving some Bamma time...

^These two will be friends one day.. 
For now they are just not sure of each other. Adi just stares at Elle

 ^Adi passed out in the middle of the picture

2 things that make me happy... temples.. and cuddling.. 
My baby doesn't cuddle and she was so tired she fell asleep in my arms and I just soaked it all in.. 

 2 things.. SOOOOO much gum.. so many smells

Cheers to the happy groom!

 We got to see my mom for lunch on Mothers Day it was real nice! Even though we went to Outback, that place is EXPENSIVE.. holy smokes..


  1. Wallace, ID
    Not Grace. Haha!

  2. I wish I went with you. Looks like fun.


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