Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tough Tip Thursday Plank Workout

I did a new workout last week for my class and I thought I would share it! 
It's pretty good, and left me sweating! 

Plank Workout

Do 10 Reps with 2-3 Rounds, Use whatever weight will be challenging

1. Side Plank- With Arm rainbows w/ weights
2. Plank-Single arm punch w/ weights
3. Plank- Single arm rotator cuff (scarecrows) w/ weights
4. Lateral Hammer Squeezes (Sit on feet with arms out (knuckles down, lift up till knees are straight, rotate hands(knucles up) and squeeze shoulder blades together)
5. Standing one leg extension & Lateral Arm Fly
6. Mountain Climbers

30 Sec On 15 Sec off 3-4 Rounds
1. Hand Plank 2 side steps then dip your knees twice 
2. 3 Plank Jumps (bring knees in) and then 3 surrenders to elbows 
3. Plank dips (Dip to right and then left sides)

7 Reps
1 Frog Burpee and then jump back, drop to your knees and do 10 single arm dumbbell rows. 

10 Reps x 2-3 Rounds
Leg Rainbow Taps
Spiderwalks (bring right leg to right elbow)
Squat pulse 3 times  drop into plank
plank leg lifts
Jumping Jacks

TADA!!! If I get comments wanting a full video I will do one.. If not I'll let you try it out on your own! Let me know what you think! I definitely liked it!

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