Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mothers Day 2016

This year I entered a giveaway on Instagram.. I have entered A LOT! and have only one once! Well this time Kylee Ann picked all 190 moms and gave us all a micro mini photo shoot! I knew it was going to be fast but all I wanted was one or two good pictures of us! They all turned out good, I just wish Adilee was smiling but thats okay! I'm still so grateful!

I am so grateful to be a mom! I knew since I was little I wanted to be a mom. I never knew much about babies, to be honest I didn't know how to take care of them. I never really babysat much and I was one of the youngest in our family. I wasn't around babies and when I was I made sure to give them right back when they started crying (usually my face would turn red, and I'd secretly get nervous!) When I got pregnant everyone would say oh motherhood just comes natural and I'd have to agree 100%. Its like you just figure it out! You learn quickly and figure out what they like. I now could hold anyone's baby and feel confidant in my soothing skills ;) Being a mom is one of the greatest blessings I could have been given! I love this little girl so much. I think of the days when she will be crawling, then talking, then walking, then going to school, then dating, then getting married and so forth and it scares the crap out of me. I just think of my parents and how they probably felt when I was a baby. But being a mom is truly my greatest calling in this life...

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