Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cousins=Best Friends

I really do have some great cousins! When people talk about how their cousins are their best friends.. thats how mine our. We're not the typical do things every day best friends but when things go on we make it a priority to spend time together! We support each other and make it to all the "big days." And no matter if its been one month or two we always pick up right where we left off.
^ Look how long her hair is finally getting!

^I really really love this picture!

 My mom and her cute siblings! I really have some great aunt and uncles! (Missing Uncle Johnlee and their awesome spouses!)

 I had to post a couple of these next ones because I couldn't just pick one!

 I really love that we have babies now.. Being moms together is so fun!
Luke! You suck for doing that.. but thats the only photo of you so I posted it.

Koop is going to get mad at me for posting this (if he even reads it) Its a test :)


  1. I love your blog. I read it.

  2. hahah your moms comment above.... i read it. ha!!
    i think i took 85% of these photos. ha ha
    i love that photo with me and adliee. heart eye emjoi!!
    and was it a nice surprise to see all my selfies on your camera? ha i thought it was funny.

  3. haha I think you did too and I am soo glad! I love the one of you and Adilee its perfect lighting and you both look so cute! bahh not really a surprise haha thats usually expected ;)


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