Thursday, December 29, 2016

December 16 OVERLOAD

I PROMISE.. I'm going to get better about blogging so that it's not a million pictures in one post!

Grandpa Rex's Funeral.. Isn't this 4D the prettiest flower set! It was so beautiful.. Don't mind Kooper.. He woke up that morning and was soo sick. Throwing up all morning, cramps every time he did anything that hurt so bad, he seriously looked terrible, but we made it just in time for the family prayer, and he managed to make it through the viewing (although I thought the cramps were going to get the best of him, I packed a towel for his head sweats and extra underwear because we weren't sure! 

Sampson LOVES the snow! First snowday and he was dying to get outside!

Adi on the other hand not so much.. Didn't hate it but I think because of how cold it was she wasn't a fan.
Adi grabbed a mountan dew can in the truck and spilled it everywhere, and dad got mad so she was crying.. and this bottom picture I have no idea why she is crying but she looks so funny I had to post it.
I seriously love this little family of mine... Even the dog!

We attempted potty training for a couple days! The first 4 days she went successfully once each day.. If you notice on the right there is totally a pee spot on the wood .. She was sitting there for a good 20 minutes and then walked over there and peed.. That little stink. 
The Young Women are soo good with her! She gets spoiled!
Koopers Birthday! 28.. what an old fart! Good thing I still like him!
This year Koops mom decided to do a Daniels Christmas Party. IT was really fun. We ate dinner, Played LEft, center, right, Santa Came, Then we played some Christmas games and decorated Gingerbread Houses!

Koop has been wanting a rocking camp chair forever! So I found one and got it for his birthday, when we got it out it was huge and not as comfortable as we liked so we ended up trading it in for another!
These are many of Adi and I's little moments She loves to sit on your head, and crawl all over you! 
She also to mimic me.. It's so cute!

A little FHE one day, made candy cane hot chocolate sticks and frosted sugar cookies. 

Adi doing her share, sweeping the chapel :)

We got to go home for a couple days right before Christmas! Here are a couple pictures from home.. If you notice that cart my mom bought her that, and that basketball hoop. She wants to start her young and so do we! Lets just hope she loves basketball!
One Day us three went snowboarding, while my mom and dad watched Adilee. It was so much fun, it was Christmas Eve EVE and it wasn't busy AT ALL! It was so nice, it seemed like we had the mountain to ourselves, and we because it was snowing all morning there was powder everywhere!
On the last round down, it was pretty foggy and we had no idea where we were going, we totally got lost and stuck! We had no where to ride and had to hike out of there! ME and trent DIED. Koop was cruizing and we couldn't keep up!

While being home I got to meet up with some of my highschool friends.. I am so glad we can still keep in touch. I also saw Kenzie who wasn't here this day, but we all have babies (Markies little boy is in her belly) and its so fun to talk about them and see where each other are at now. 
This was the best picture I could get. 1. My phone is slow and 2. These three don't sit still very good.

This is probably the grainiest photo but I love it.. Adi comes in and doesn't even realize there is a banana stuck to her head, it was so cute!
BEST MOM EVER.. I let her lick the spoon to the chocolate brownies and she LOVED IT!

Here are just a couple of the many faces of Adilee. and if you notice that stroller she is sitting in is kind of small, thats because its her doll stroller, but she thinks its for her!


Yup.. still doesn't like him

little stink keep dipping her finger in the cake next to her!

Isn't she the cutest? She still loves her tongue!
SANTA take 3

Eh ... I'm happy if I'm not in your lap?

Yup.. I don't like to be in your lap...
But I like your presents...
and I love AUnt COLEY

Okay.. I'm done!

She gets in every little box I swear!
I put her baby in her bed, and within on minute she took the baby out and tried sitting in the bed herself. 
Aunt coley pushed her around and she HAD to have her doll and bottle.. She is pretty silly. 

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