Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016

The Holidays have been so good this year! Nice, relaxing and we got to see almost everyone!
 We took a couple days and went to Oregon! You can find that HERE...

I love having a little family to have Christmas together with! We woke up and Santa came (yes I was quite surprised myself ;) ) He even had cookies and milk (set out by himself, mom fail)

 ^I bought Koop a new blanket because I hate the one he uses, he wasn't that thrilled... 

I was so busy making everyone else shirts that I completely spaced doing our family shirts.. Lots of families do Christmas P.Js but we don't really wear pajamas, last year we did sweats, and so I thought this year we could do winter shirts! 

 If you can't read them completely.. Koops says "Oh what fun it is to ride." with a snowmobiler, Adilee's says "I'm SNOW cute." and mine says "Baby its cold outside"
 I mean look at this Handsome Model I have... Isn't he the cutest :)
 I made the boys some fun shirts too!  Carters says "Rockin around the Christmas Tree, and Wheelers "Visit Santa, Hot Cocoa, Family Time, Snowball fights, Sleeding, Bake Cookies"
So I had to post this because the one on the left shows her little tooth! Her baby tooth is coming through! Every time I see it, it looks out of place haha.

Kyle got this present for Carter, and it was just cardboard and he was like ah okay.. Then they set it up and it's this virtual game, it was pretty cool. He loved it after!

 We reenacted this photo from last year.. Check it out at the end! 
 Adi figured it out and would hold on tight, but still fell off and would want right back on!

 Isn't Wheeler just the cutest.. 
  We reenacted this photo from last year.. Check it out at the end! 

Christmas 2014 Found HERE
Christmas 2013 found HERE

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