Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Thanksgiving 16

Okay... So I've been slacking and I'm a little late on all my posts.. So prepare for the overload of posts! Prepare for some low quality phone pictures.. but high quality moments. :)

This year was pretty laid back..Woke up, went and helped Kooper feed cows, came back and put Adi down, while I made a vegetable tray. I didn't even like half the stuff on it, but guess that's what happens when you're assigned a vegetable tray.  

After we ate we played Left, Center, Right.. It's a pretty fun game if you haven't played. You start with $5.00 and roll three dice, depending what they say you pass to the left or right or put your dollar in the center. You go until only one person has $1 left, and then the last person has to roll a safe in order to win! It is a pretty fun game and even better if you win.. I lost and so did Kooper, so that sucks. 

Later we went to the school to watch Koop and Kyle play basketball. To be honest it was pretty lame. Their first game they didn't do so hot, and the second game they played some kids that were a lot younger than them. Although I do love watching my hubby play some ball.. It was pretty lame. Sorry if you read this.. I still love you!

After the games all the girls headed to Logan and shopped all night!
A couple things that happened...
  • We went to Walmart, Kohls & Shopko
  • In Shopko we found Teresa a beanie and she wore it everywhere after that with the tag on it and all. 
  • Then we went to Kohls and tried on so many clothes. Jess has a 10 off and 15% so we all tried to use it. Whoever, went to the younger boy gave it to us, but the other lady was kind of a stickler.  Good thing I went to the younger boy!
  • Then we were at best buy and Teri and Teresa kept trying to get the other to back up so they could pull forward, and Teresa tapped Teris van and then we took off. She wanted to bill the insurance :)
  • Then we went to Ihop and everything was hilarious. I don’t know if because it was 4am or what but everything was so funny. First off it was freezing though, and then everything was just funny. Teri got delicious hot chocolate, and our waiter was pretty weird. But the food was good.

Overall, we had a really good night though. On the way home I struggled trying to stay awake to help Teresa and I think she did too. There was one point she merged to the right a little. But we made it home safely!

Here is a small preview of thanksgiving last year.. found here

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