Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Reno 2016

This year we went to Reno for the 2nd time in a row with Adilee.. I think she's the youngest that has been twice under the age of 13 months! Last year she spent the whole time bundled up, sleeping or nursing... but not this year. She wanted to go go go! It was pretty cold a couple days and she was so bundles she couldn't move that great... 

She did so good! The first couple days it was just Koop, Kelly and us two and she slept while the cows were getting washed, so I was able to help blow them dry without worrying about her. One day she woke up a little early, but she didn't mind playing in the sawdust!

 I totally singed my hair TWICE! those dang heaters got the best of me, then when I got back to the hotel I realized I singed my eyebrows too!
 Just a random driver heading down the road.. 

 I don't know if this video will work but its so cute! She loved Chesney.
 "Our Groupies" :) there so fun!

 Her faces kill me! Even if she looks like a boy, without a hat...

 She's been around this bull for about 5 fairs now, and she kind of likes him.. 

 Come on big guy!

Find last year here... (only a couple from Reno)

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