Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Adilee 1 YEAR OLD

I think I might cry! My baby is ONE!!!! I have had her now for 365 days and I can't even believe it.. If you go and look back at her past months, I say something almost similar everytime.. Like holy cow how is she already this big!  But really IT HAS FLOWN BY! Yes those are in caps because I am yelling.. IT HAS FLOWN BY! This has been the best year ever.. For the longest time Kooper would say "Sampson, What are we going to do with out lives." You have gave us something to do! You're the best baby and have been so perfect for our family, we wouldn't trade you for the world. Being your mom has been the second best decision... (1st was marrying your daddy) 

A little about you this month...
You still don't have a single TOOTH... yup 0 Teeth!
-You weigh 18.9 lbs
-Your 28 inches tall
 -wears size 3 Diapers
 -LOVES to empty all the drawers especially her shoe drawer, and the bathroom drawer.
-loves to brush your hair.
-still love the bath! 
-Can get off the bed and couch by herself now.
-loves books especially the touchy/feely ones
-loves all the loud noisy toys that grandma got her.
-Loves cell phones and remotes.
-favorite foods I'd say are pizza, noodles, banana, and cheetos
-likes to stand on your chair and look out the window..
-loves to ride on the four-wheeler.
-loves DAD.. Gets so excited when he comes home, and so sad when he leaves.
-loves Sampson, always wants to sit on him, or pet him.
-Is so clingy and cuddly when you first wake up.
You still say Mom, Dad, Bam, Moo, and now HI
You always go Nom Nom Nom when you want food.. Which is anytime anyone else has anything.
You were sleeping 8:30PM-8AM, STUPID DAYLIGHT SAVINGS now its 8PM-7AM, which really isn't bad, 8AM was just so relaxing!
--Takes two naps.
You are completely done nursing now! You have had a little formula(from the samples we got) and milk


 -That dimple <3

 Just some of her faveees.

 PIggy is her absolute FAV!

 Doesn't she look like a little girl and her DAD!

11 Months HERE
10 Months HERE
9 Months HERE
7 Months HERE
6 Months Here


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  2. Grandma loves all of these pictures. She is such a cutie. Grandma loves you.

  3. good job on finally after one year putting adliee in your blog photo ;) hahahahha
    ps. all those pictures were so cute! good job taking them

  4. you need to blog more.... i miss you.


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