Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Daniels Family Pictures 2016

We got our family photos back and I just love all of them! We haven't taken pictures together for a good 3 years and a lot has changed since then, we had Adilee, Kyle married Nicole, and Krichele is pregnant! So far the past three years have been pretty good but it was time for an update!

 I don't know why she was so grumpy, noramlly she is a happy baby but she was just not having it!

Excpet here she teased us all with this model pose.. What a sassafrass.. 


Here we go again with the model pose.. You boys are soo cute!

 I sure do love my little family!!

Last family photos(2013) found here... We sure have changed a lot!

Thanks B&E Photography! 

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