Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Time!

Christmas was so much fun this year because I got to spend my first Christmas with my Hubby! 

To start the Holidays...
  1. We got an early Christmas Present... HERE
  2. We cut down our first real tree.. HERE
  3. We made our first ornaments.. HERE
  4. I graduated from BYUI... HERE
  5. We had (half of) Christmas early with my family when they came for graduation.
                                              Here are some of our Christmas Presents

 Mom loved her new Apron I made here! I completely winged the pattern, but I think it turned out great! She cried when she got her Calendar I made for her! It took a long time, and I did it all by myself. She loved it! Every Month I made special according to Birthdays, and if there wasn't a birthday I just added pictures according to the month.

6. We got to Snowboard for the first time this season.. FINALLY. We have season passes to
Grand Targhee again, and hope to go up several times this winter.

7. We went to Malad for the Holidays! Christmas Eve they have the traditional Daniels party, they eat and Santa Claus Comes!!! Then we go to Grandma Annabells after! Christmas Day comes and were not allowed to leave the bedrooms until everyone is awake! So we used Sampson as the waker upper. We took him in every bedroom and he licked everyones face until everyone was up! Then we had to hold hands with our eyes closed and walk into the living room, where Santa had brought unwrapped presents! We checked out Santa's presents and began opening presents from the family. After we cooked up some breakfast until Carter and Wheeler came over.

ta da, look at this glowing beaut..

Koops Great Parents

             Our little family's first Christmas TOGETHER!

8.After that we went to Grandma Annabells for Dinner, gave presents and visited. Then we went to Grandpa Rex's. While we were there Kyle called! It was time to Skype our Missionary! So we headed home and pulled him up on the T.V

9.After that Koop and I headed to Utah where we got to visit all our family... It was a great time!
How was your Christmas?! :)


  1. love that calendar for your mamma. so sweet.

  2. Looks like such a blast! Love the calendar.

  3. looks like you had such a fun christmas!! cute pictures!


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