Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Snuggle Me Organic

GUYS!!!! I received my snuggle me organic in the mail the other day! and can I say I LOVE IT!!! Man.. I wish I had a little one right now to put them in it and just watch them sleep!!! However, for now I got it out and showed Adilee and she immediately went and laid down in it, she loved it.. I went to move it in the other room and she started screaming and crying, so I put it back on the floor and she went and laid in it again. 

Let me tell you a little bit about this...

It's comforting.. It has a center sling.. What that means is when you lay your child down the edges squeeze together slightly to make the baby feel as if they are being held.. 

 Its safe... its built so that your little one can't roll over inside, and so you don't have to worry about them getting stuck face down.. Also, their are times when you are soo tired, and you just want to take a nap with your little one and you feel like they might get rolled on, or roll of the bed, or something might happen.  But you don't have to worry with this! You can put them on your bed right next to you and be worry free!

The material is amazing.. It is the softest material, it's organic and it's breathable.. I'm not kidding when I mentioned Adilee did not want to get out of it.. Granted it is made especially for babies 0-9months, but she is smaller and loved it..

....and it's made in the USA.. You see so many things made in china, mexico or somewhere else, I admire this company and the drive they have to keep things local, and make sure everything is the best quality.

I can't wait till my sweet little niece comes next month and I get to let her snuggle in this! And I especially can't wait to have another baby try this out (no I am not pregnant.)

Seriously, if you are looking for a co-sleeper, or just something to help your babe get some rest. Look into this! I wish I had it 10 months ago! Don't wait to long, and if you're on the fence, my vote is go for it!!!

Get more information HERE.>.>.>

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