Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Weekend 2017

I know I need to do this now or I won't! I am terrible at posting lately, but I will get better! (I'll try!!!)
I LOVE Easter! We get to celebrate Christ and spend time together as a family.. Its a win win! 
We had a couple Easter Egg Hunts this year, Adi loved picking up eggs! She wanted to open a lot of them before she would put it in her basket!

 Both cute Grandma/Bamma helping Adi find some eggs!

 Egg Hunt for the win!

Her poor hands were cold and all she wanted was candy and her new baby bunny she won!

Adi might just end up with my luck ;) She won a bunny baby! 
 The Easter Bunny found Adi and brought her this fun little mini fourwheeler! She loves it!

 Coloring Easter Eggs.. I think Koop was freaking out the whole time. Adi kept sticking her hand in the cups, knocking them over, and spilling! He was a little worried!

It was always a tradition we had growing up to get Easter Dresses and I want to do the same thing with my family! We attempted to get some of her in her Easter Dress. But she didn't want to look at me and/or smile! Koop and I slacked and didn't get any of all of us together :( whoops!

I love shopping during Easter Weekend! They always have the BEST sales, and I tend to go a little overboard and just say everything was for Easter! When really it wasn't planned that way! Adi kept saying "Wow" with everything she looked at.
I hope you guys all had a good Easter!

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