Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Temple To Temple Trip

 The first week in May we took a overnight trip with the youth.. It was a lot of planning, work, temple work, and FUN. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to be apart of this awesome trip.

So a little back story.. For Trek the Stake challenged the whole Stake to get 1000 names for Trek. Well our youth decided they wanted to get 1000 names just for our ward. So we divided between all the quorums and asked for help between them all. Once we realized how long 1000 names would take to do all the work, we shortened it to about 650. That meant 3 temples a day with a little over 100 names! So in September of 2016 we set off for our goal.. and we did it!

Day one started off by heading to the bountiful temple, we had sack lunches, and went straight to the Draper temple. From their we were early and headed over to the Provo Temple. After we finished there we had some down time and went to the bean museum (which was pretty interesting) and got some delicious ice cream!
Bountiful Day 1
 While we were leaving the bountiful temple the girls spotted a member for Studio C. He was in a wedding picture so they couldn't steal him, but they got pretty excited about it. 

Draper Day 1
I got to be the lucky one to help and hand out towels to all the brothers and sisters. It was a neat experience because I got to watch all their faces and reactions as they did the work!
Provo Day 1
 I believe it was this temple, but I watched a neat experience take place. Someone brought in another girl with her (who had something wrong, she couldn't talk all the way, and walk by herself) and she did baptisms with her. Which she mentioned they come every week. I thought it was so neat. She would go into the font with her and would hold her nose while the man dunked her. I thought it was so sweet and such a blessing for this girl to help this other girl. 

So what are the odds of seeing one member of studio c.. but 2. They had to take a picture with this one also! (Don't I just fit in to be one of the youth!? I think they thought I did because they said no you need to be in it!) 
Fireside Night 1
 To end of first night we all headed to Bishops Sisters house in Provo, his family let us all in and provided a place for us to sleep. They are the sweetest family and was so nice to us! They even cooked dinner and breakfast for us! We had dinner and a little fireside to talk about our experience. Then the boys headed to his brothers and the girls headed to bed (only have a couple episodes of say yes to the dress.) 

Day 2 we were up, had breakfast and on our way! First Temple was the Provo City Center.. (Which was my FAVORITE! I loved how pretty and unique it was!

Provo City Center Day 2

Oquirrh Mountain Day 2

Brigham City Day 2

 Then we finished with "OUR" temple.. I love the Brigham Temple and I think its so special to me, because it's the temple I got married in. I love it though! 

After we ordered pizza and headed home.. Overall, the experience was amazing. The opportunity to baptise those that have been waiting so long is amazing. We had the chance to do so many family members, so many strangers, and felt the spirit all weekend. I'm grateful for that opportunity I had, because it strengthen my testimony and I loved getting to see the reactions from all the kids. 

 Here are some random photos from the trip... 

The flowers were beautiful at every temple! Now is the time to get married! Everything was so pretty!

 I sure love my girls! (and once again, I look like I am one of the youth)

 There was downtime in between and I think at every temple with a fountain they had to play in it.. Even a colony of ants kept them entertained. 

I'm so glad these kids could take the time out of their busy schedules and make it on this trip. It was definitely one for the books! 

Also... side note... It was my first night away from Adilee and i missed her like crazy, I even felt bad because she got a bad cold (double ear infection, and eye infection) while I was gone.. Poor thing looked so sad when they would call me. 

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  1. Thanks for posting. Just so you know, the stake got the idea from us, not the other way around.


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