Friday, July 7, 2017

The Month Of June

 Why Hello There! YEs we are alive, yes we still take pictures.. AND YES I STILL like to BLOG :)
So here is our life during the month of June in Photos!
 Adi Loves getting her hair blow dried, and Dad thinks its funny to make it poofy!

 I didn't realize how much Adi watches me until this moment.  I gave her a sandwich and some chips and I look over and she is putting chips on her sandwich like I do. It was the cutest thing ever. 
 The sweetest summer babe you've ever saw!

 The many faces of Adi and Mollie

 This one cracks me up!
 She's going to be the best big sister!

 We love going to Carter and Wheeler games because that means park time for Adi!

 I got the privilege of taking one of my good friends wedding photos and so I got to go home for the weekend. It was fun! They dog Kira had 7 puppies, so I took some pictures of them and posted them to get rid of them! We got rid of all 7 in a matter of 10 hours!

 Such good grandparents.. They adore her, and also what grandma gets in a mini pool with their grandkid?

 Some of my friends from back home! WE all have kids now, and it was so good to see them! 

 I tried to get some photos of these cousins but you can see how well that turned out! haha
Isn't this the most beautiful bride ever! I loved loved loved taking her photos! You can see more of them HERE.... 

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