Monday, July 31, 2017

4th Of July Weekend

 Malad does a pretty good celebration on the 4th of July...This year our friends Jake and Chelsey came to stay with us, along with Koopers cousins Kiana and Tyler. So we had a house full, which made it even better. So the next pictures are definitely out of order but I didn't really want to take the time to organize them (because I am too lazy ;) ) 

Order of Events: 
1.Fun Run at 6am! Coley and I were in charge this year, and had to be there bright and early to set up (good thing we drew arrows the day before) 
2. Firemans Breakfast 
3. Parade
4. Kid Races
5. Lunch, Swim, and FUN.
6. Malad's got talent, and FIREWORKS!

Adi always tries so hard to help with the babies.. 

Koop and Jake made some bombs and blew up the tree stump a little.. and look how cute this little bare butt is!

Adi trying to swim on her own and take a dive off the tube. 

She really is like a fish, and loves to jump in! 

KID RACES... We got Adi all ready and as soon as it was time she sat down and cried and I said Daddy has chapstick so they said go (and I wasn't paying attention) but she started a little late and still got 3rd!  Wheeler also got 3rd! 

I love when Adi runs because her left arm is always bent just like this.. 

yes sometimes us older kids have to help get candy:) 

hmm wonder where Adi gets all her looks from.. 

Adi run run.. get the candy! 

I forgot to change the settings before I asked someone to take this and so it was set up super light, and so its a little hard to see but this was our group for the day and they all made it pretty fun.

The Sunday before the 4th we went up to the mountains and I had a family session, and then for Church of course we had to dress appropriately!

Hanging out at the park... 

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