Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Copper Pearl

She kills me.. Her one and a half tooth grin and all her 15 month sass!

Alright.. So here is the scoop.

I bought a fitted crib sheet from Walmart or Shopko and have only taken it off, washed it and put it right back on. It's just a simple neutral grey and white chevron print.  I hadn't looked around much, but thought I would like to get another one! I was browsing through copper pearl and I found the cutest print, and I wanted it! 

The material is 100% cotton and it's nice and soft (Not rough like some of the first ones I bought.)
And my personal opinion, it's so bright and fun! I feel like it really lightens up her room and makes it pop! 

So if you are looking for a new crib sheet, go check them out here! You can get this same sheet HERE>>>>

Not only do they have crib sheets they have bibs, towels, multi-use covers, changing pads, wash cloths, and blankets!

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