Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Little Life In January

 So a little about this month.. Its been a good month with a little bumps…

So to start the new year off we had a party at the Davis’.. Good food, good company, and good games.. Thats pretty much all you need, and to top it off, Adilee stayed up till midnight and did so good! (she didi take a nap at like 6:30 but still) 

By January 4th Kooper met his deductible.. Had another episode of throwing up & diarrhea! It's happened 3 times in the past 6 months, and this time we think he may of threw up some blood so we took him in. The pain in his stomach and the lack of hydration sent us to the hospital for some labs and fluids. They tested just about everything.. C-diff luckily ruled out.. and everything came back fine. Minus his WBC were really high, and high lactic acid was about triple what it should've been.. so long story short we were told he had lactic acidosis with a bad case of the rotavirus. The fluids worked wonders and by the next day he was a new man! (Let's not forget, yesterday was one of the big snowstorms in Malad, and so I learned how to drive the fourwheeler with the plow!)
His dinner was gross .. blahh

I didn't want him to go plow snow so we played games instead.. 

The next day I had a small case of what he had.. but he was drying to be outside, so I had Adilee and tried my best.

We had a baby shower for Krichele which you can find more here... and Tyler-Kiana-Elle, Kyle-Megan came and stayed with us for the weekend! We went to the girls basketball game Friday night and then came home and played the bean game. Saturday morning was the shower, then we went tubing, to the dude for dinner, and then to Preston to another basketball game! Sunday woke up played more games and then they headed out. Wish they lived closer, because it's fun hanging out with cousins! 

 Elle fell asleep on the snowmobile ride up and was out the whole time we tubbed!

 Adilee actually enjoyed sledding. Until the end, he feet got cold and she HATED IT!

Here are a couple random phone pictures of Adilee because she's just so funny..
 Trying to get her used to the potty! She loves to stand on it!

 Our little Dragon fan! Quite the character at games, and already has been to more than some teenages!
 Rocking some of the many looks and mastering her "scowl"

We started putting bubbles in her bath and she LOVES THEM! Like she just plays with them and can't quite figure them out! She loves to put them in her mouth!
Adilee loves Candy now.. especially Chocolate.. She enjoyed making brownies with me that day!


  1. i love when you blog. i get to know what you're up too.

  2. blog more. blog more. blog more. blog more. blog more.


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