Thursday, June 8, 2017

Adilee 19 months

 So my little miss sass turned 18 months and I wanted to take pictures and blog about it.. well that came and gone and now she is 19 months. Never to late right?
 She was full of smiles this time and I LOVED It.. she rocked the camera.. And now you're going to have a overflow of photos to look at..

 Look at this sweet girls, dark brown eyes!

 Adi's new thing is to give kisses and hugs as soon as you leave the room, or go outside.. Her kiss face is the cutest, and then she says hugs.. 

19 things for 19 months....
1. She still has 4 teeth. If you notice in the picture above she is getting one on the bottom left.. It keeps teasing us, and going up and down. Weighs 20 pounds..
2. Absolutely LOVES babies. She has 5 babies now, and always carries one everywhere!
 3.  Is so independent, hardly ever will let you feed her, wants to walk everywhere by herself, and is starting to take off her clothes by herself. 
4. Her favorite food is grapes, oranges, bread, cheese, and dad's cereal(frosted wheaties)
5. She can count to 3.. With help.
6. Folds her arms for prayers. 
7. LOVES LOVES LOVES nursery. Been going since 14 months. She runs there as soon as sacrament is over. Literally. 
8. Can say so many words.. the common ones, Teeth, Shoes, Eat, Food, belly, strawberry.. 
9. Her hair is finally growing.. she hates bows, and usually pulls out any ponies or clips.
10. Sleeps so good! She usually sleeps between 8:30-8, and then takes a 2-4 hour nap. 
11. Travels really well, especially in the van because she can watch movies.
12. Doesn't really care to watch T.V for more than 10 minutes. 
13. LOVES LOVEs LOVES to be outside. Cries when I make her come in. 
14. Loves water.. Puddles, Swimming poles, the hose.. Any kind of water.
15.  Started saying poop lately.. but after she's already gone. 
16. Points to mommy's belly and says baby.. We ask if she wants a brother or sister.. and it usually comes out shit.. haha i'm assuming that means sister. .. 
17. Is learning how to jump, bends her knees and really tries. 
18. Her giggle is contagious and its so cute!
19. She is so brave.. She isn't afraid to climb on anything such as her chair and sits on the ledge of the windowsill, the top of the couch.. She is just soo fearless!

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