Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We're having a baby and its a BOY

Baby Number 2 is on HIS way! We are soo excited! We must have a thing for November babies because our due date is November 3rd. Just 5 days short or Adilee's 2nd birthday!

It's so weird to call the baby "he" or "our boy." I honestly had no idea going into the ultrasound what we were going to have. Kooper said you're having a boy I just know it. You weren't hardly sick at all with Adi and you've been sick all week. 

Seriously, no one was in town the weekend we found out, so we just kept it a secret and took these fun pictures the next morning (because Koop didn't get home till way to late) Thanks Poppy for being our photographer :) 

I kinda was hoping for a girl because they'd be in the same season and we wouldn't have to buy anything.. but that didn't happen! Koop said that was a terrible reason to want a girl and that we just needed a boy. I'm not mad at all though. I'm actually quite excited, and can't wait to start looking for baby boy clothes! and let me tell you, KOOP IS SOO EXCITED!

ALL in ALL baby Boy.. We can't wait to meet you!

Here is Adi's Announcement

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