Monday, June 5, 2017

Track Season 2017

 I kind of failed at taking pictures until we got to state.. This was my first year coaching track and i quite enjoyed it! I LOVED it during highschool and really missed it so I thought I'd see if the team needed help.. Well you can never have enough track coaches so they said yes :) It was a lot of time. But we had some pretty fun kids that I enjoyed getting to know!

State was in Middleton this year, and so my mom offered to watch Adilee while we were there. Which meant 5 hour bus ride for Adi. She loved it though. She could walk the isles, the kids gave her treats and she had so many people to talk to. 
 We had about 44 kids start out doing track, and probably 30ish continue through the whole year.  8 girls and 2 boys made it to state. Brett Schow, Ben Waldron, Emmah Peterson, Hanah Peterson, Jenna Peterson, Ella Ward, Bayla Trip, Kassy Love, Kadee Christiansen and Kayla Hudnell. 
We had 4 coaches. Head Coach Martain Pope, Tia Talbot, Devin Robbins, and of course myself..

 Medley girls got 6th! 

My camera can take the best photos ;)

The nice Marsh Valley boys that took our team picture took a selfie first!

We searched and searched for tattoos for the girls.. and all they ended up finding was 4th of july ones.. They still looked pretty cool.

Ben Waldron trying to get around this huge pack of speedy 800 runners.. This was the biggest group that stayed tight the whole race.  

Girls 4x400 took 3rd at state!

 At first Adilee wasn't sure what to think, but by the end of the season she loved all the girls... She still says Emmah and Hanah all the time!


Kadee Christiansen: 6th in the 100 time of 13.39
Bayla Trip: 11th in the 100Hurdles: 17.86
12th in the 300 Hurdles: 51.29
Ella Ward: Long jumping 13-10.25 for 12th
Emmah Peterson: 4'8 High Jump taking 8th
Hanah Peterson: Jumping 36 even for  2nd
Kassy Love: Polevaultin 8'0 for 12th
4x100: Kadee, Emmah, Kassy, Hanah: 53.98-took 7th.. (unfortunately the baton was dropped taking down 3 extra seconds.)
4x200:Kadee, Emmah, Kassy, Hanah: 148.?? Which would of placed them 2nd. However, the exchange zone between one and two was barely missed.
4x400: Kayla, Kadee, Jenna, Hanah: 4:22.60 placing 3rd.
Sprint Medley: Jenna, Kassy, Emmah, Jenna: 1:59.50 Placing 6th
Ben Waldron: Taking 6th in the 800 with time of 2:06.61
Brett Schow- 8th in the 200 with a time of 23.45
13th in the 100 with a time of 11.77

There was some definite disappointments, but the kids did amazing all season long. They were awesome to watch, coach and get to know better! 


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