Sunday, June 4, 2017

Memorial Weekend 2017

Redfish Lake started out with a bang ;) haha just kidding but really the whole ride over was quite fun actually! Adilee probably enjoyed it the most! She had these two next to her and I don't think the three of them stopped giggling! We had quite a few detours (Koop insisted we had fishing poles, so we had to get those and licenses) but we made it none the less!  

 We got up there, and started to get camp set up, and our tin foil dinners cooking. And it got chilly! So we bundled up and started a fire, till the rest of the crew showed up. 
 She wanted NO help and it was pretty funny to watch her try and get in and put the tray on and do it all over again!
That first night happened to be my birthday and Nicole and Kathy were the best and went and got ice cream and candles! The ice cream was delicious!

 We brought our bikes and so the next day we headed down exploring a little bit! Redfish is so pretty! The lake, the trees, the mountains.. all of it! (Sorry Justin, no picture for you because you wouldn't let me take one;) )

We decided to use their boat system and cross the lake to the other side to go hiking for the day. There was "supposedly some lily ponds" and so we went searching! Nicole said that it was an easy hike and would only be 1/2 mile! hahahaha.. I laugh because we got lost at least twice, and ended up hiking about 5 miles instead of 1. And need I mention there was no trail, snow, and tons of trees tipped over. Which that might sound terrible, but it was actually fun,  and even though the lily pond wasn't full of lily's yet the waterfall was worth it!
 This was the waterfall.. It was soo pretty!
 I'm so glad I have this sister in law of mine! She is pretty awesome! 
 And I'm also glad Kooper carried Adi! I started with her and didn't last very long at all! She finally took a nap after fighting it for at least an hour!

18 WEEKS! Wahoo!!

Later that day we decided to take our 4 man raft out to try it out! It said 4 man but we fit 5 and a half!  We crossed from one end to the other and thought it would take awhile, but we cruised! 

The next day we had to move campsites, because we only had it for 2 nights and so the we packed everything up and moved over. .. it didn't take to long, especially because we shoved everything in the trailer, and carried the tent with the mattresses on the back of the truck! and I really like the other camp site so it turned out to be a plus!

 I bought fruit roll ups and Koop decided he wanted a "tat" :) and Adi of course copies everything  Dad does... 
Adi loved being in the tent on Nicole, or Justin's mattress! and she slept like a champ in the trailer.. the second night we woke her up and so she ended up sleeping with us. But overall, she did great! Can I just say, camping with a trailer and a toddler is so much easier! I woke up like 4 times, and every time had to put the blanket back on her because she hates being covered up! We were pretty lucky to be in our trailer with the heater.. 

 Koop caught a fish! It was pretty fun! Neither of us like the feeling of fish, and didn't want to take it off. It was pretty funny, and Adi just kept laughing... Poor fish wasn't very happy with us!

Monday finally came around and although none of us wanted to leave, we had too. Everyone headed out early but we weren't in a hurry so we took the raft out on the river one more time and enjoyed the empty lake! Adi kept reaching over to touch the water, and sampson wasn't sure what to think!

This is how Adi kisses now.. it's the cutest and she won't leave without a kiss! After we left we stopped at the Gold Dredge. Koop was loving every second of it.. It was like real life Gold RUSH! 

Overall, this trip was so much fun and worth the 5 hour drive! We enjoyed ourselves quite a bit! We had excellent food and ate like KINGS all weekend! And we had good company! Kyle, Nicole, Kathy and Justin were pretty good campers! Thanks for the great weekend!


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